Emmaus Container Solutions

Emmaus Container Solutions was founded in 2007 by Elvis & Eva Pillay, together with their long-time associate, Ralph Peters. The focus of the group is to provide complete service solutions in the container / shipping industry, ensuring clients with efficient and cost effective ways by reducing unnecessary time spent on managing multiple contractors.

Every day, people discover a need to use mobile equipment and the need for space be it at work, business or at home. We are fast becoming the most prolific service provider in the container industry. Our aim is to become your business partner, tailoring an appropriate solution through our experienced and skilled team.


We aim to be the most respected specialist of delivering exceptional service, strategic planning, attention to detail and always affording a mutually beneficial relationship.


In pursuit of our vision, we are passionate about our mission. Through clear and measurable contribution to the greatness of our clients, we intend to make a difference.


behaving in an honest, open manner in all aspects of our business, and consistently walk the talk.


conducting our business in a manner that surpasses all expectations, continually striving to improve our own professional and quality standards.


tackling tasks with courage, energy, dedication and total commitment.


treating all individuals with dignity, respect, good manners and an understanding of differences.


empowering individuals by balancing personal freedom and initiative with responsibility and accountability within our culture of continuous transformation.


Emmaus Container Solutions is a unique container facility in that we are the only facility that caters for the retailers offering a comprehensive service as a one stop shop. Our staff and management continually finding new methods to make our service and products more engaging, exiting, expansive and flexible.


Empty container depot storage facility.

Container inspection and surveys

Container repairs to wind and watertight (w.w.t), cargo worthy and IICL standard

Depot Tracking and activity reports

Container conversions

Wide range of transport options